We work closely with GT Radial a large tyre company based in Northwich, UK to provide our customers high quality, performance tyres at affordable prices. We introduced Tyre Masters in 2016 to add an extra avenue to our business, we believe it has helped us provide a quick and efficient service which you can rely on. Our new tyre bay has been fitted with the latest equipment meaning it is now easier than ever to renew your tyres!



GT radial offer outstanding tyres at great prices. In order to guarantee that motorists get the most out of their GT radial tyres, they offer “Accidental Damage Warranty” with every GT radial Tyre purchased. This meaning if any of your GT Radial tyres are damaged beyond repair, then the defective tyre will be replaced and you will only be charged for the proportion of tread that you have already used.


However if this is not what you’re looking for we also offer many other brands of tyre, from budget tyres to high end, we have the tyre for you. If you have any queries call us on 01388 815311 or email us at sales@mastersofdurham.co.uk


You can visit GT Radial’s website by clicking HERE or download the “Accidental Damage Warranty” form HERE.

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